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Looking for Yahoo Placement Papers? Check the following sections to get the old placement papers with solutions. We have updated here the Last 5 Years Yahoo Question Papers with Solutions. These question plays a vital role if you are preparing for the Private recruitment. The interested aspirants can download Yahoo Aptitude Placement Papers in Pdf format. Prepare well if you want to grab this opportunity to work with Yahoo Company. This test will provide an amazing chance to all job seekers who want to work are looking for recruitment in the Corporate Companies. Therefore, check the Placement Papers for Yahoo here.

Personnel Selection Process: 

Yahoo conducts the following recruitment process to hire candidates for the required job role,

  • Written Exam.
  • Technical Interview.
  • HR Interview.

Yahoo Placement Papers 2018 Details –

Name of the Company Yahoo
Test Yahoo Recruitment 2018
Category  Previous Papers
Eligibility  2016, 2017, 2018
Official Site

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Check Yahoo India Exam Pattern 2018

S. No. Exam Type Topics No. of Questions Total Duration
1. Objective Type Technical Questions 40 60 Mins
2. Aptitude 30

Latest Yahoo Placement Questions with Solutions

Here are the Yahoo Free Practice Papers that will help you to prepare for the online test. All interested and intrested applicants can go through the following section and download the Yahoo India Placement Papers with Explanation.


Directions for question nos. 1-2:

Eighty-Five children went to an amusement park where they could ride on merry-go-round roller coaster and Ferris wheel.It was known that 20 of them have taken all three rides and 55 of them have taken at least two of the three rides. Each ride cost Rs.1 and the total receipt of the amusement park was Rs.145.

How many children did not try any of the rides. ?

A. 5

B. 10

C. 15

D. 20



20 kids * 3 rides = Rs. 60
(55-20=)35 kids * 2 rides = Rs. 70
60 + 70 = Rs. 130
So, Rs. (145 – 130 = ) 15 are left for the other (85 – 55 = ) 30 kids . so only 15 of them can take a ride and rest 15 will be left out.
145 rides were taken. 20 of them took all three, i.e. Rs. 60 were spent, so 145-60= Rs. 85 are left for the others. Total kids were 85, so rest was 65. out of these 65,

How many children took exactly one ride?

A. 5

B. 15

C. 10

D. 20


Four cities are connected by a road network as shown in the figure. In how many ways can you start from any city and come back to it without traveling on the same road more than once?

A. 8

B. 16

C. 12

D. 20



Consider the top city, the following are the 3 routes possible, starting from the leftmost edge. Since there are 3 edges emanating from each city and the figure is perfectly symmetrical, these 3 routes are possible from each edge, hence for any given city, the total number of routes = 4 * 3 = 12.

Directions for question nos 4-5:

A, B, and C are three numbers, Let
@(A, B)= Average of A and B
*(A, B)=Product of A and B
/(A, B)=A divided by B

If A=2 and B=4 the value of @( / (*(A,B),B),A) would be

A. 2

B. 4

C. 6

D. 16


Let x<0, 0<y<1, Z>1 which of the following is false:

A. (x2-z2)has to be positive.

B. yz can be less than one.

C. xy can never be zero

D. (y2-z2) is always negative


Sum of A and B is given by

A. @(*(A,B),2)

B. /(@(A,B),2)

C. *(@(A, B), 2)

D. @(/(A,B),2


Latest Yahoo Placement Papers for Freshers

If A’s income is 25% less than B’s , by what % is B’s income greater than that of A?

A. 35%

B. 25%

C. 30%

D. None of these


Directions for question nos 8-12:

A professor keeps data on students tabulated by the sex and the performance of the student. Data is kept on a computer disk, but unfortunately, some of it is lost because of a virus. Only the following could be recovered:

Performance Total
Average Good Excellent
Male 10
Female 32
Total 30

Panic buttons were pressed but to no avail. An expert committee was formed, which decided that the following facts were self-evident:
a) Half the students were either good or excellent.
b) 40% of the students were female
c) One-third of male students were average

How many students were both female and excellent?

A. 0

B. 8

C. 16

D. 32


Performance Total
Average Good Excellent
Male 10 48
Female 32
Total 30 80

Panic buttons were pressed but to no avail. An expert committee was formed, which decided that the following facts were self-evident:
d) Half the students were either good or excellent. (implies the total of good and excellent is 40, i.e., hall of 80)
e) 40% of the students were female (this implies that 32 is 40% of the total students, hence total students are 80, this implies that males are 48, calculate the rest yourself)
f) One-third of male students were average

What proportion of female students are good?

A. 0

B. 0.25

C. 0.50

D. 1.0


What proportion of good students are male?

A. 0

B. 0.73

C. 0.4

D. 1.0


Among average students, what is the ratio of male to female?

A. 1:2

B. 2:1

C. 3:2

D. 2:3


How many students are both male and good?

A. 10

B. 16

C. 22

D. 48


Analytical Questions | Yahoo Placement Papers

Directions for Questions Nos: 13 to 17

Five executives of a multinational company met in Bombay :
Mr. Ram can speak Tamil and Hindi
Mr.Sham speaks Tamil and English
Mr. Raju converses in English and Hindi
Mr.Balu speaks Telugu and Tamil quite well.
Mr.Lalu can speak Hindi and Telugu

Besides Mr. Lalu, which of the following can converse with Mr.Balu without an Interpreter?

A. Mr.Ram Only

B. Mr.Sham only

C. Mr.Ram and Mr.Sham

D. Mr.Raju Only


Which of the following can act as an interpreter when Mr.Raju and Mr.Balu wish to confer?

A. Mr.Ram Only

B. Mr.Sham Only.

C. Either Mr.Ram or Mr.Sham

D. Any of the other three executives.


Which of the following cannot converse without an interpreter?

A. Mr. Sham and Mr.Lalu.

B. Mr. Ram and Mr. Sham

C. Mr. Ram and Mr. Raju

D. Mr. Sham and Mr. Balu


Of the languages spoken the most common languages are

A. English and Tamil

B. English and Hindi

C. English and Telugu

D. Hindi and Tamil


If a sixth executive is brought in, for him to be understood by the maximum number of original five, he should be fluent in?

A. English and Telugu

B. Hindi and Tamil

C. Telugu and Hindi

D. Hindi and English


Reasoning Questions

Directions for Questions Nos:18 to 21

Four people of different nationalities live on the same side of a street in four houses each of different color. Each person has a different favorite drink. The following additional information also was known:
The Englishman lives in the red house.
The Italian drinks tea.
The Norwegian lives in the first house on the left.
In the second house from the right, they drink milk
The Norwegian lives adjacent to the blue house
The Spaniard drinks fruit juice
Tea is drunk in the blue house.
The White House is to the right of the red house

The Norwegian drinks

A. Milk

B. Cocoa

C. Tea

D. Fruit Juice


Milk is drunk by

A. Norwegian

B. Italian

C. Englishman

D. None of these


The color of Norwegian’s house is

A. Yellow

B. White

C. Blue

D. Red


Which of the following is not true:

A. Milk is drunk in the red house

B. Italian lives in the blue house

C. The Spaniard lives in a corner house

D. The Italian lives next to Spaniard.


Directions for Questions Nos: 22 to 23
Kya-Kya is an island in the south pacific. The inhabitants of Kya-Kya always Answer any question with two sentences, one of which is always true and other is always false.

You find that your boat is stolen. You question three inhabitants of the island and they reply as follows:
John says,”I didn’t do it. Mathew didn’t do it”
Matthew says,”I didn’t do it. Krishna didn’t do it.”
Krishna says,”I didn’t do it. I don’t know who did it.”

Who stole your boat?

A. John

B. Matthew

C. Krishna

D. None of them.



Matthew said he didn’t know who did it, but he also said he didn’t do it, which means he knows who did it, which means his second statement is false, which means his first statement is true…

You are walking on a road and come to a fork. You ask the inhabitants Ram, Laxman, Lila,”Which road will take me to the village?”
Ram says,”I never speak to strangers. I am new to this place”
Laxman says,”I am married to Lila. Take the left road”.
Lila says,”I am married to ram. He is not new to this place”

Which of the following is true?

A. Left road takes you to the village

B. Right road takes you to the village

C. Lila is married to Laxman

D. None of above



Ram said he never talked to strangers, but he spoke to a stranger, this means that this statement is false, hence his other statement must be true, hence the second statement of Lila is false, hence her first statement is true that is she is married to ram, hence the first statement of Laxman is false, hence his second statement is true, that takes the left road.

Directions for question nos 24-25:

There are five trains A, B, C, D and E that run between the following stations:
Bombay and Pune
Calcutta and Bombay
Pune and Goa
Goa and Bombay
Pune and Calcutta
Trains A and D do not go to Bombay, B&C do not go to Calcutta and C & D do not touch Goa.

Previous Year Papers for Yahoo India

Which train runs between Calcutta and Pune?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D


Train E goes from………… to………… and vice-versa

A. Pune and Calcutta

B. Bombay to Goa

C. Bombay to Calcutta

D. Goa to Pune.



Following is true about the IP of a machine

A.  It is 48-bit and will always be unique around the world.

B. It is 48-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.

C. It is 32-bit and will always be unique around the world.

D. It is 32-bit and is not necessarily be unique around the world.


The device that can transform digital data into analog data is called a

A. Transformer

B. Network

C. Carrier

D. Modem


A machine having 64MB memory runs an executable which is 300MB on disk. This is achieved by:

A. Use of FAR pointers

B. Page swapping.

C. Save some variables on another machine on network.

D. Cannot be run on the machine.


What causes “Thrashing” of a program:

A.  The constant swapping of the program due to page faults.

B. The inability of a program to get assess to a network resource.

C. A near overflow/underflow of a variable.

D. Assessing a memory area not allocated to the process.


Which of the following is true about thread and process startup speed:

A. They will be equal.

B. The process startup is faster as it is directly controlled by the OS.

C. The startup of a thread is faster than a process.

D. Depends on OS that is used. Faster on Windows98 slower on NT.


Turbo-C is a / an

A. IDE and C compiler/linker.

B. C-compiler/linker

C. C.

D. Code generator.


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